Evangelism & Discipleship

As we evaluate the Gospel mandate given to all believers, we rejoice in the opportunity we have as an university and a radio station to proclaim the gospel and engage in discipleship with new believers.  

Our purpose at CABU is to train the next generation of servant-leaders to live out the Great Commission everyday of their lives.  We reaffirm that it is the responsibility of the local church to plant local churches. If the result of evangelism and discipleship by our staff, faculty or students result in new converts desiring a local church be formed in their community, CABU will organize a meeting between the believers and the pastors from our network of churches and trust God to meet that need through them. CABU faculty or staff or students are free at that point to participate in such an endeavor, but they would be doing so under the direction and authority of their local church, not under the direction and authority of CABU.