Tuition and Fee Schedule 2023

Seminary ProgramK2,500 per course
Full-time Bible Program (Certificate, Diploma, or Degree)K9,500/year
Zambian-paying students receive a tuition discount of K1,750 per year for the Bible Program.
Education Program (Diploma)K9,500/year
Part-Time or Audit (Certificate, Diploma, or Degree)
Students taking three courses or fewer per semester pay per class fee
Boarding (per year) 
Dormitory (Undergraduate Students)K9,500
Zambian undergraduate students receive a boarding discount of K1,750
Dormitory (Masters Program Students)K9,500
Master students who choose to stay in the dorm do not receive a discount. 
Medical Fee (required for all Zambian dormitory students)K350
Medical fees must be paid before the beginning of classes;
if used, it must be topped up before each semester. 
Married Student Housing (one-bedroom flat)K24,000/year: Furnished
K18,000/year: Unfurnished
Married Student Housing (two-bedroom flat)
K36,000/year: Furnished
K30,000/year: Unfurnished
Married Student Housing Security Deposit (Required)K3,000
Married Student Housing does not include meals.
International Students 
Student study permit (valid for two years)K9,500
Medical Insurance (required)K1,000
International students are advised to plan K200 or $20 per month for personal expenses while on campus.
Holiday Boarding Fee 
Students who decide to stay on campus during December and January breakK920
Students staying only part of the breakK50/day
Meals are not provided to students during the break
Additional Expenses and Fees 
Education Program Activities Fee (due before beginning classes 2nd semester each year)K400
Education Program ECZ Exam Fee (1st year-due in March)
Education Program ECZ Exam Fee (2nd year-due in March)
Education Program ECZ Exam Fee (3rd year-due in March)
Bible Program Exam FeeK80 per course
Masters Program Graduation FeeK3,000
Undergraduate Program Graduation FeeK500
Certificate Program Graduation FeeK100
Check out the Fee Schedule for more details

Download Fee Schedule: 2023 Fee Schdule