Scholarship Opportunities

All scholarships are awarded as funds are available based on the recommendation of the scholarship committee. Applicant qualification does not guarantee a scholarship award.

100% Tuition Scholarships

10/40 Scholarship– This scholarship is available to those applying from unreached people groups or areas within Africa. This helps CABU realize the vision of seeing the gospel go to every village, town, and city across Africa. The Scholarship Committee will evaluate the student’s request and decide if the applicant is from a strategic area of influence for the gospel. The Committee may limit the number of students from a particular area to allow room for other unreached regions. Prospective students in this category may also apply for 100% of the room and board; however, this decision is based on demonstrated need and the approval of the Scholarship Committee. In special circumstances, when the financial need is great, the Scholarship Committee may award scholarship funds to cover medical expenses, travel expenses, dorm expenses for break periods, or personal expenses.

Spouse Scholarship-This scholarship is available to the spouse of any full-time Bible student. Interested spouses must register as students and apply for the scholarship. If awarded, the spouse will be allowed to take classes at the level for which they are approved (degree, diploma, certificate, or audit). If they take a course for credit, they must adhere to the normal course attendance policies. This applies only to spouses of undergraduate Bible students who are currently enrolled full-time or spouses of currently enrolled graduate students who have completed our undergraduate program. After graduation, the spouse may continue, but the scholarship will expire, and regular charges will apply.

25% Tuition Scholarships

Pastor/Alumni Scholarship-This scholarship is available to the biological child of a Pastor who is currently pastoring a church or the biological child of CABU alumni. If funds are limited, priority is given to alumni. This scholarship applies only to the Bible program and is limited to tuition costs.

Staff/Faculty Scholarship-This scholarship is available to the biological child of a full-time staff or faculty member serving at CABU. This scholarship applies only to the Bible program and is limited to tuition costs.

The maximum discount is 25% per child for both of these categories.

Financial Grant

A financial grant is a one-time donation to the student’s bill. The Scholarship Committee determines the grant amount. It is only available to current students. It is not available to first-year students in the first semester.

Scholarship Guidelines

  • Scholarship opportunities are offered to students who are already accepted to CABU. Prospective students must first be accepted before submitting a scholarship request.
  • Scholarship opportunities are normally applied to tuition costs only. However, at the scholarship committee’s discretion, the 10/40 Scholarship is sometimes applied to room and board.
  • Scholarships are awarded by committee decision. Applicants are not guaranteed a scholarship.
  • If an applicant receives a scholarship, it is valid for only two years. If a student does not attend CABU within two years (the year applied for and the next), the scholarship will no longer be available, and the student must reapply.
  • Scholarship awards are continuous throughout the student’s program as long as the student remains in full-time status with good academic standing.
  • If a student receives a scholarship and decides to sit out a semester or longer, the scholarship is automatically revoked, and the student must reapply.
  • If a student receives a scholarship and is suspended from CABU, dismissed from CABU, fails a course, or is under academic probation, the scholarship is re-evaluated by the Scholarship Committee and may be revoked.
  • Scholarships depend on donated funds and are available only when scholarship funds are sufficient.
  • Scholarship requests are due by 15 January.
  • Financial grant requests are due by 15 January for the first semester and 15 May for the second semester.
  • Scholarship questions should be directed to the Admissions Office.

Scholarship Application Guidelines

Applicants must submit the following to the scholarship committee:

  • A letter of request that includes:
  • The scholarship for which you are applying
  • Explanation of need
  • Explanation of ministry desire/plans
  • Financial Worksheet (please request from Admissions Office)