In order to pursue the objectives of CABU within our Education program, the goal of our curriculum, learning environment, and educational experience is that students would become: ï Competent to teach all primary subjects from a Biblical worldview ï Committed to incorporating Biblical truth in the primary classroom ï Committed to evangelism and discipleship in the primary classroom ï Professional in conduct ï Confident in adaptation to student needs ï Effective in implementation of current educational theory 9 ï Passionate about serving God and others ï Committed to life-long learning and professional development


The Diploma in Primary Education is designed for men and women who desire to teach from a Biblical worldview in the primary school setting. This program is government approved and recognized by the Education Council of Zambia (ECZ).

Diploma in Primary School Teacher Education

Entry requirements: five O’ levels at credit of better.

Target Group: Christian school leavers with a passion to teach young children

Costs: See the attached fee schedule


  • David Chabulembwa MEd, Dean of Education
  • David Indala, BA Ed, Lecturer
  • Martha Kasangili, Med (c)Lecturer
  • Dickson Mwange, Med (c) Lecturer
  • Timothy Murdoc, DMin, Lecturer
  • Collins Mubanga, MA (c)
  • Graham Bwalya BA (c), Instructor
  • Clement Lupupa BA, Lecturer (part time)
  • Nicole Nalavwe BA, Lecturer (part time)
  • Evans Biemba Dip, Instructor (part time)
  • Brenda Mwasapa BA, Lecturer (part time)
  • Bwalya Sikapizye MSc, Lecturer (part time)
  • Lyness Nangoyi MA (c), Lecturer

Program and course structure …

The programs operates on Government three term schedule

Unique features

  • Graduates trained to teach from a Biblical world view
  • Unique opportunities to differentiate themselves armed with Sign language or missions skills.
  • Acceptance rate: 96%
  • Industry placement rate post-graduation to-date: 70%