The Diploma in Primary Education is designed for men and women who desire to teach from a Biblical worldview in the primary school setting. This program is government approved and recognized by the Education Council of Zambia (ECZ).


To pursue the objectives of CABU within our Education program, the goal of our curriculum, learning environment, and educational experience is that students would become the following: competent to teach all primary subjects from a Biblical worldview; committed to incorporating Biblical truth in the primary classroom; committed to evangelism and discipleship in the primary classroom; professional in conduct; confident in adapting to student needs; effective in implementing current educational theory; passionate about serving God and others; committed to life-long learning and professional development.

Diploma in Primary School Teacher Education

Entry requirements: five ‘O’ levels of credit or better

Target Group: Christian school graduates with a passion for teaching young children

Costs: See the attached fee schedule.


  • David Chabulembwa, MEd, Dean of Education
  • David Indala, BAEd, Lecturer
  • Martha Kasangili, MEd, (c) Lecturer
  • Dickson Mwange, MEd, (c) Lecturer
  • Timothy Murdoch, DMin, Lecturer
  • Collins Mubanga, MA (c) Lecturer
  • Graham Bwalya, BA (c), Instructor
  • Clement Lupupa, BA, Lecturer (part-time)
  • Nicole Nalavwe, BA, Lecturer (part-time)
  • Evans Biemba, Dip, Instructor (part-time)
  • Brenda Mwasapa, BA, Lecturer (part-time)
  • Bwalya Sikapizye, MSc, Lecturer (part-time)
  • Lyness Nangoyi, MA (c), Lecturer

For program and course structure, see the link provided.

The program operates on Government’s three-term schedule.

Unique features

  • The program trains to teach from a Biblical worldview.
  • The program offers opportunities to develop additional skills in sign language or missions.
  • The program has an acceptance rate of 96%.
  • The program has a post-graduation industry placement rate of 70% (to date).