This program exists is to have a laser focus on training local pastors and church leaders. These leaders are not able to come to campus due to serving in local ministry that they cannot leave for extended time, lack of finances, or academic qualifications that will not allow them to attend university.

According to the 2015 CABC Annual Report, this program was known as External Block Class Program. Faculty members, Kevin Sherman and Jeremy Pittsley were the original architects of the block class program. President Philip Hunt then delegated the oversight of this effort to Jamie Smith.

Philip Hunt traveled to Juba with Brother Emmanuel Juma to conduct a graduation ceremony for participants who took a one-year equivalent Bible program.

In 2016, the program grew into what we now know as Theological Studies by Extension (TSE) under the oversight of CABU Missions Director, Jamie Smith. Bill Rillo was recruited to take over the next phase of development of the TSE program. Under Bill Rillo, the curriculum was audited and edited to be even better suited to training pastors across Africa. In December 2020, Mr. Collins Mubanga was appointed as the Director of TSE training for CABU.


To promote healthy biblical Christians and churches across Africa.


Our goal is to equip pastors with the skills and training to enable them to be effective Bible preachers and teachers. This includes face-to-face instruction modules, and providing each attendee with materials and theological and ministry resources that will continue to assist them in their ministry.


  • TSE- Beginner (4 CORE)
  • Hermeneutics: Principles of Bible Interpretation – CORE
  • Biblical Text: Old Testament Survey – CORE
  • Biblical Text: New Testament Survey – CORE
  • Basic Theology: Apostolic Doctrines
  • Basic Theology: Essential Christian Doctrines – CORE

TSE – Intermediate (3 CORE)

  • Biblical Text: Interpretation of Gospels & Acts – CORE
  • Biblical Text: Interpretation of Romans
  • Systematic Theology: Doctrines 1 (Bible & Church) – CORE
  • Systematic Theology: Doctrines 2 (God, Christ, Holy  Spirit)
  • Pastoral Leading & Feeding: Counseling – CORE
  • Worldview: Evangelism, Discipleship & Missions

TSE- Advanced (2 CORE)

  • Homiletics – CORE
  • Biblical Text: Interpretation of 1 Corinthians
  • Systematic Theology Doctrines 3 (Man, Sin, Salvation) – CORE
  • Systematic Theology Doctrines 4 (Angels & End Times)
  • Pastoral Leading & Feeding: Church Leadership – 
  •  Pastoral Leading & Feeding: Finances (Personal & Ministry)
  • Worldview: Christianity, Islam & African Traditional Religion

Contact the TSE Director, Mr Liwoyo Mubanga for more information or to schedule training in your area. +260 97 9159869 or [email protected]