The MA in Christian Studies aims to educate students in and within the historically traditional Christian faith while emphasizing areas of Christian tradition most relevant for church-based ministry in Sub-Saharan Africa.  It does so in ways relevant to the African context while remaining cognizant of contemporary issues in theological and Church circles worldwide.

Master of Arts in Christian Studies

Purpose: The MA in Christian Studies is designed to train students in the biblical and historic Christian faith. It will equip them to minister and practically meet their ministry’s cultural and theological challenges.

Duration: This is a two-year programme. The program consists of 16 courses offered in four semesters.

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in any field from a recognized or accredited university or institution.

Mode of Delivery: In-person classes and online.

Students may join the program at the beginning of any semester.

Students must register for Graduate Studies classes at least one month before the start of class. New students to the programme must pay a non-refundable registration fee of K1,000.

List of Classes

Church History 1 (Fathers – Medieval period)

Research & Writing 1 

Theology of Christian Life 

Religious Contexts in Africa (ATR & Islam)

Church History 2 (Reformation) 

African Christian Ethics 

O.T Biblical Theology 

Christian Epistemology

African Church History 

N.T Biblical Theology 

Ecclesiology & Worship 

Discipleship & Counselling 

Missions In The African Church 

Research Writing 2 (Thesis) 


The Christian Home

Enrollment Qualifications

An applicant must complete the CABU application and have earned a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or institution.

Applicants interested in the Graduate Studies’s programme should provide the following:

  • CABU Application
  • K1,000 non-refundable registration fee
  • Testimony of salvation in Jesus Christ (written)
  • Official Transcript of undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree
  • Copy of NRC or passport
  • Student Medical Form
  • Confidential Medical Form (dorm students only)
  • Study Permit Application (international students only)

Cost of the Programme

The seminary program tuition costs are K2,500 per course. This amount must be paid in full before the beginning of each class.

Additional Costs

  • Registration fee: K1,000
  • Graduation fee: K3,000
  • Room and board: K9,500 (dorm students only)*
  • Study permit fee: K9,500 (international students only)

For more information, please contact the CABU office at +26 097 741 5011 or email [email protected].