How will I know I’ve been accepted at CABU?

The CABU Admissions team will contact you about your application and acceptance. However, in order to receive acceptance, you must have completed and turned in all application paperwork. If you are unsure about whether Admissions has received all your paperwork, please contact us at [email protected].

What if I just completed grade 12 and am waiting for results?

Students waiting for grade 12 exam results are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office to discuss the special CABU options available. Please provide a copy of mock-exam results for review.

I’m not Baptist; may I still apply and attend?

Yes, absolutely! CABU grounds all of its teachings on the Bible as the only authoritative word of God; therefore all Christians may apply, no matter their church affiliation.

How much does CABU cost?

See the tuition & fee schedule.

How many students are housed in a dorm room?

The number of students in a room can vary depending on the dormitory, but typically four students are in each room.

Will my credits transfer?

If you’d like to transfer credits to CABU, the Academic Office can estimate how many of your credits will transfer and help you make an informed decision about your future. CABU does have a limit on the number of credits transferred.

Does CABU offer distance learning or an extension program?

Because we believe that our unique mentorship and one-on-one educational approach requires students to be immersed on our campus, CABU does not offer distance or correspondence learning. However, to help pastors, chaplains, and all Christians who cannot attend full time, CABU offers week-long on-campus block classes and conferences.

What if I don’t have enough credits to apply for one of your programs?

Please provide a copy of your grade 12 results to the Admissions office for review and we will advise you of your next steps.