General Requirements

Central Africa Baptist University seeks to train godly men and women as servant-leaders who live authentically, love selflessly, think biblically, and serve humbly. In order to produce graduates who demonstrate these characteristics, all applicants of CABU must have a clear salvation testimony that demonstrates an understanding of the Gospel and a relationship with Jesus Christ. Applicants should also have good character and a desire for God’s will in his/her life.

All applicants should provide the following to the Admissions Office:

  • CABU Application Form
  • Testimony of how you came to know Christ as your Saviour (written)
  • Why you feel like God has led you into ministry (written)
  • Copy of your Secondary results
  • Copy of your NRC or Passport

Specific Requirements:

Bible Degree Program: This program is designed for men and women who desire to be equipped for ministry in the local church. Applicants must have 5 ‘O’ Levels credits or better including English.

Bible Diploma Program: This program is designed for men and women who desire ministry training but lack the qualifications for the degree program. Applicants must have a grade 12 certificate with 5 ‘O’ Levels recorded at 8 (satisfactory) or better including English.

Primary Education Diploma Program: This program is designed for men and women desiring to become primary school teachers who teach from a Biblical Worldview. Applicants must have 5 ‘O’ level credits or better including English, Mathematics, and Science.

Certificate in Sign Language and Deaf Studies: This program is designed not only to help hearing students learn Zambian Sign Language (ZSL), but also to equip them with the basic tools needed for ministry as pastors, educators, and interpreters to the Deaf in Zambia and other African nations. Applicant must pass Zambian Sign Language 1, 2, and 3 with a minimum grade of 70% C- in order to move from one language level to the next. The classes for this certificate are offered in the evenings in order to accommodate community students. The language classes are limited to 15 students each.

Certificate in Missions, Counseling, Religious Studies: These one-year certificates are designed for post-secondary students who desire a year of Bible training. These certificates can be pursued while the student is waiting to be accepted into another program, or is waiting to re-sit for grade 12 examinations, or is simply interested in personal Christian growth. Applicants must have a Grade 12 Certificate with 5 ‘O’ Levels recorded at 8 (satisfactory) or better including English.

Certificate in Chaplaincy Ministry: This program is designed to train chaplains for effective ministry in their context. Applicants must serve as a Chaplain. Uniformed chaplains need a recommendation from their superiors. Civilian chaplains need a recommendation from their church leadership.

Central Africa Baptist University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, physical disability, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of any of its policies or programs.

Contact Information
Admissions Office ~ Central Africa Baptist University ~ PO Box 21891 ~ Kitwe, Zambia
Ph: +26 0971507807 Email:[email protected]