CABU Library
The Paul Kasonga Memorial Library is accepting applications for the full-time position of:  LIBRARIAN.  This person will to oversee day-to-day operations of the library will work in consultation with the Library Committee. The Librarian will facilitate services to patrons, oversee the library resource management software, and manage library staff and schedules.
1.    A man or woman who demonstrate genuine faith in Jesus Christ and are in good standing in their local church.
2.    Formal training in library science (candidate with aptitude to be trained will be considered)
3.    A working knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System
4.    Good computer skills and an ability to learn library software
Qualifications (Skill/Ability)
1.    Ability to work within the library system, Resource Mate
2.    Ability to work with the computer and internet
3.    Ability to communicate in an effective and efficient manner, both orally and in writing
4.    Ability to analyze and solve problems in an effective and efficient manner
5.    Ability to organize and process work in an orderly, structured and timely manner
6.    Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, staff, faculty and the public
7.    Ability to work effectively with a committee and/or a team
Interested applicants should send write an application letter and send their CV to the attention of:
Library Committee
Central Africa Baptist University
PO Box 21891
or by email at:
[email protected]
Subject: Librarian