Central Africa Baptist University exists to train the next generation of servant-leaders from across the continent of Africa to fulfill the Great Commission by equipping them theologically and practically. Each year, the Board of Directors carefully approves an operating budget for the academic year. Income to meet the monthly operational costs of the college comes from tuition payments, the scholarship fund, and the general fund.


Each student is charged tuition to attend classes at Central Africa Baptist University, and resident students have an additional charge for Room & Board. Student tuition covers approximately 10% of the total operating costs.

Scholarship Fund

If an applicant or student faces financial constraints, he or she may apply for a work scholarship or ministry scholarship. As funds become available, qualifying students may receive scholarship help. These funds get transferred from the Scholarship Fund to the university operational account on behalf of the student and the student’s bill is credited.

General Fund

The annual cost of educating one full-time student is $4520. All expenses not covered by tuition or scholarship payments are drawn from the General Fund.

How You Can Help

Like most higher education institutions, Central Africa Baptist University relies on one-time donations, monthly support, and occasional grants. These external funds enable CABU to finance the cost of running the campus as well as enable us to keep tuition costs affordable.

You can become a CABU partner by committing to monthly support or donating to the Scholarship Fund. If you have further questions about partnering financially with the ministry of CABU, please email the Vice-Chancellor at [email protected].

CABU is registered in Zambia as a non-profit foundation.