Dear Friend,

I would like to take a moment to share with you what the Lord is doing through Faith Radio. We have been blessed to receive donations from various supporters and their testimonies are encouraging.

For the second time now, Mrs. M—– from Chimwemwe Chapel passed through CABU and donated K1000 to Faith Radio. She is personally burdened to see the spread of the Gospel through Faith Radio. She explained that the teaching and preaching sessions on Faith Radio have really helped her grow spiritually. Her own spiritual growth has motivated her to support the radio station in hopes that many others can be reached with the same truth. According to her, she can use her money to reach more people through Faith Radio than she could on her own.

Another faithful supporter is Mrs. Margaret K—–. She lives within Kitwe and has faithfully supported the radio station with K100 or K200 monthly. She claims to be in the “Bible School of Faith Radio” as she listens and enjoys spiritual growth. Through the teaching on Faith Radio, she has been challenged with regard to her local church. She currently attends a Pentecostal church and is considering a change because she desires to receive at church the kind of teaching she receives from Faith Radio.

Bana K—— from Bulangililo Township came to donate K4500 to support Faith Radio. She testified that she and her children listen to Faith Radio regularly. She has noticed a change in the character and behavior of her children and believes the truth from Faith Radio is reaching their hearts.

Another supporter mentioned that she has been praying since 1991 for a radio or television station that would proclaim truth and provide sound Bible based teaching and preaching without mixing the truth of Scripture with worldly ideas. After listening to Faith Radio, she declared it as her answer to prayer! Now she prays that Faith Radio will extend to all of Zambia.

Recently, a man sent a text to the Faith Radio phone number indicating that he desires to be born again. What an awesome opportunity for the Gospel.

We cannot possibly give all the testimonies of what God is doing through Faith Radio, but we hope this gives a small picture of how God is using this radio station for his glory and the spread of the Gospel. We are thankful for the great things that God is doing through this ministry.

Please pray for Faith Radio. We desire that God will raise up people from within Zambia and outside Zambia to support the efforts of Faith Radio in sharing the Gospel truth with a needy world of listeners. Partners outside of Zambia can can donate here. Local donations can be made through the following account, Kindly write “Radio” on the deposit slip memo line:

Account name: Central Africa Baptist College
Bank Name: Standard Chartered
Account Number: 0100141842700
Branch: Zambia way
Town: Kitwe
Swift Code: SCBLZMLX
Sort Code : 060228

Thank you.

By God’s Mercy,

Martin Mwamba
Station Manager
1 Samuel 12:24