The month of January marked the beginning of our 2019 financial year. This year we adopted a new budget that is unlike any since Faith Radio opened. What makes the radio budget unique this year is the commitment to raise K6,500 in internal income each month. This income will be massive progress toward our goal of becoming a self-supporting ministry. The goal of becoming self-sustaining has given the station administrators direction and purpose in everything we do for the Radio Station.

We have concentrated our efforts on recruiting paying clients to sponsor radio programs to raise the required funds.

Efforts to Generate Local Income:

To maximize fundraising efforts, we intensified the promotion of the Station in local churches. We invited new churches to partner with Faith Radio. This focus is directed toward churches of like faith and practice. Praise God that several churches committed to support the Station immediately. Other churches indicated a desire to partner as soon as they have the funds available in their church budgets.

The radio station has also added marketing programs for educational institutions to the broadcast lineup. These programs raise awareness in the community about universities, colleges, and other private institutions. These institutions pay to market their institutions on air.

We are intentionally promoting community health and business programs as well. Putting these programs on the Radio brought partnering organizations willing to support these programs financially. These new programs have had a direct impact on our revenue.

We designed and are marketing promotional Radio Station T-Shirts to the listening public. We are also marketing and selling copies of popular programs to the public on thumb drives.

Praise the Lord for individual listeners and organizations who have stepped up to support the Radio Station. These partners give because they appreciate consistent Gospel-centered messages from sound preachers.

How is Faith Radio affecting the public?

Recently I visited a family during evangelism outreach in Garneton. When I introduced myself, the woman recognized my voice and name from Faith Radio. She said her family listens to Faith Radio and has heard me preaching on Radio. We had a good discussion in which I was able to share the gospel with her. She has been attending a Charismatic church, but the messages they hear in that church are different from those on Radio. Because of what she is learning on Faith Radio, she said that her family has been seeking a biblically sound church. This family has started attending our church. What a blessing!

The testimonies we receive from listeners give us confidence that God is working through the ministry of Faith Radio. Here are some listener testimonies that have been an encouragement to us, statements that assure us that the Radio ministry is changing the lives of listeners.

“Good afternoon, Brother Martin. I hope and trust you are doing well. We wish to inform you of the amazing testimony Amy Straub, and I heard from a nurse at Kitwe Central Hospital. She appreciated the great job Faith Radio is doing to spread the truth of God directly from Scripture. Because of what she has heard, she would join a Baptist church if it were not for the responsibilities she has at her current church. She is impressed and is convinced that Faith Radio is teaching sound doctrine. You should have seen her excitement!” – Collins Mubanga

Joseph Kabwe recently visited the Radio Station to purchase promotional t-shirts. He shared this testimony with us. “I was Catholic and used to drink and sell beer. I started to listen to Faith Radio programs. While listening to the programs, I was challenged to study the Bible for myself. I became convicted that I needed to receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I continued to listen to Faith Radio, and after a while, I gave my life to Christ and left the Catholic Church. I began attending Faith Baptist Church of Chipata and was baptized there on 30 June 2019. I enjoy listening to God’s Word. I came to buy two T-Shirts to support the work of God through the radio station.”

On 25 May 2019, we received a letter from another listener, Kasongo. He expressed appreciation for Faith Radio. He said the Station had helped him to see the truth of God’s Word and grow spiritually. In his letter, he thanked the Station for being consistent in preaching the gospel and challenging people to discern the truth. He feels that Faith Radio’s programming should be expanded to reach the entire country of Zambia.

Our Radio Station team is asking God to continue to use the Station to advance the gospel and touch lives.

Radio Station Challenges:

1. There are still many people who do not know that the radio station switched frequency from 106.9 to 92.1. We are continuing to advertise intensively.

2. Transportation for radio marketers has been a big challenge for us. There are limited vehicles at the College available for us to use. We have limited funds to use public buses, and that option is very time-consuming.

Long Term Funding Idea:

This radio station should remain on air! Our team is praying that lack of funding would never be the reason the radio station closes permanently.

As we work to be a self-sufficient part of CABU, we are looking for ways to generate sustainable income for the station. One idea that we would like to pursue is the acquisition of a house or apartments that we can rent. Rental income from the property would go to support Faith Radio.


• Pray that marketing efforts will be fruitful.• Pray for the salvation and spiritual growth for our listeners.

• Pray that new churches and individuals will financially partner with Faith Radio.

If you would like to give financially to keep Faith Radio on-air, please reach out to me by phone or text on +26 097 521 3342  or by email [email protected].  Join with us to proclaim the truth of God’s word! By God’s Mercy,Martin Mwamba Station Manager.