Zambia Police Outreach

Central Africa Baptist College undertook another ministry in Mufulira this last Sunday in the afternoon.

CABU was represented at this meeting by Pastor Francis Kaunda, CABU lecturer and Director of Chaplaincy and Mwansa Mulenga, a graduating student. The ministry is part of an ongoing partnership program with Zambia Police Mobile Unit in Kitwe. The partnership has resulted in CABU, in conjunction with the police, visiting Police officers who are scattered around Zambia.

Mwansa Mulenga shared with the police officers how he became a Christian and Pastor Kaunda later preached from Leviticus 10:3.

The last two hours of the meeting after preaching were very profitable. The team was able to counsel with the police on a number of issues such as “is staying at home and sending offering worship? Would God forgive a person who has been wicked and at the point of death they repent? Can God reverse ones situation upon relatives intervention after they have died?

We thank God for the wonderful opportunities He is opening for ministry. Please pray for the gospel to have freedom in minds and hearts.