The “Restoring Your First Love” Leadership Conference was held last week on the campus of Central Africa Baptist University. Over 400 attendees participated in workshops designed to instruct, edify and challenge God’s people in their Christian walk and ministry.


The conference was opened Monday evening with a message by CABU President Philip Hunt focusing on the theme of the conference. The text was from Revelation chapter 2 with special emphasis on verse 4, “I have something against you, that you have left your first love.”


Throughout the week church leaders participated in workshops presented by Isaac Makashini, Andrew Matoke, Edward Mwanisa, Chopo Mwanza, Sandala Mwanje, Steve Hafler, Lee Peterson, Conrad Mbewe and Saidi Chishimba. Workshop sessions covered a range of 14 different topics from “Loving the Lovely God” to “Disappointing Substitutes for First Love.”

Chaplains Group PhotoTwo other groups also met during the week. The Chaplains participated in a class taught by Chaplain Major Michael Allen of the US Army Reserve on the subject of “The Dual Role of the Chaplain.”

DSC_0087Pastor Conrad Mbewe taught “Invitation to Biblical Preaching” to more than 150 pastors who attended the conference. This class focused on the preparation process and delivery of expositional sermons.

Kerussomen Presentation

Two exciting events took place during this conference. On Tuesday evening the Journal Committee unveiled the new theological journal from Central Africa Baptist University. Kerussomen: A Journal of Theology for the African Church was dedicated and presented to the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board of CABU. You can purchase the print copy, or subscribe to the digital copy here.

CABU Graduation All with Faculty


On Thursday evening we celebrated the 6th Graduation of Central Africa Baptist University. Four men received their Masters Degree and five received a Degree or Diploma in Bible. We also acknowledged the accomplishments of:

  • The first nine Chaplains who successfully completed the Chaplaincy Certification Program that began at CABU in 2012.
  • Seven students who competed their sign language certification.
  • Eight men were honored for completing three years of pastor’s block classes – an equivalent of nine classes at CABU.
  • One pastor was honored for completing an advanced block class certificate – 18 classes in total!


We praise the Lord for His blessings during the recently completed conference!

Mark your calendar now for the 2016 Leadership Conference that will be held 28 November – 2 December 2016! ?The theme of Leadership Conference 2016 will be: “Defending the Faith” Apologetics for a world that denies?truth!