We continue to thank God for the smooth broadcast that we have had this week. Although the country is experiencing power out ages due to faulty equipment at the Kariba Power Station it has not affected the station.

This past week there were women’s and youth day celebrations here in Zambia. We broadcast on Women’s Day a program hosted by Mrs Bridget Chanda that focused on how a women can glory God in her life.

On youth day we aired a program that discussed the youths responsibility in ministry and his participation in the Great Commission. This program was hosted by CABC graduate Chopo Mwnaza. In the question and answer session the question on modest dressing resurfaced. Other questions came from various church leaders wanting to know: 1: Is it biblical to give office term limits to church leaders and 2: can someone who has married several times can be in church leadership.

Pastor Francis Kaunda has begun an Enquirers Bible study with a listener Named Valence from one of the local Pentecostal churches.