Mulenga Chileshe was in the sixth grade when a neighbor reached out to him with the gospel, and he put his faith in Jesus as Lord. When he completed secondary school, Mulenga was looking for a college where he could earn his diploma as a primary school teacher but also be grounded in the truth of God’s word. Mulenga’s pastor recommended Central Arica Baptist University as the perfect choice.

At CABU, Mulenga developed a specific burden for the deaf community in Zambia. Most deaf in Zambia have never heard the gospel; many children do not have the opportunity to attend school simply because they are deaf. Mulenga believes that the Great Commission applies to the deaf community, and they need the gospel. After graduation, Mulenga desires to reach out to unbelievers through opportunities in his classroom and to use his new sign language skills to reach the deaf with the gospel.