My name is Martin Mwamba, and I come from Kitwe, Zambia. I sensed the Lords call to ministry two years after I was saved. The period after conversion I sought for truth and was especially burdened for the right proclamation of the gospel among my own people. So many of our people are fed with wrong teaching, not found in the Word of God.

I came to Central Africa Baptist College and Seminary to be trained and equipped for ministry. I longed to develop skills and be given tools for handling the Word of God. My burden and desire is for the correct interpretation of the Bible and the clear understanding of true orthodox Christianity as it is presented in the Scriptures. Because I never desired to contribute to the false prosperity gospel that has spread across my continent of Africa, I longed to study at an institution that is conservative in the doctrines of Scriptures one which placed emphasis on the exposition of the Word of God.

My pastor and I talked and prayed for the Lord to providentially open an opportunity for me enter an institution that will equip me comprehensively for ministry. My pastor recommended CABU as the right place for me to be trained for ministry. By Gods grace I was accepted in 2012 and offered a Timothy Scholarship to study.

CABU has made a difference in my understanding and presentation of Biblical truth. God has taught me many things concerning ministry, and has changed my life as a result of the time I have spent at CABU. I have seen spiritual growth in many areas of my life. God has taught me the importance of His Word. I now grasp that power lies in the Word. Mine is the task of correctly interpreting and exposing His Word in context. My worldview has changed to a more biblical worldview as a result of my time at CABU. I have learned to be a servant-leader with a passion for biblical indigenous church planting.

If you would like to enroll as a student at CABU please get in touch with the Admissions Director, Mr. Kennedy Kaseke on +260 97 1507807 or email [email protected].