My name is Werner Hamukoto, a first year student at Central Africa Baptist College and Seminary in 2015. I am from Namibia, and the church I am from is Monte Christo Baptist Church.

Growing as a Christian I felt the call to ministry in 2012, and this happened through the deep desire to reading and studying God’s Word, passion for Christ centered church, deep passion for mission and a passion for God and to be used by Him. During this time I was at the University of Namibia in my second year. I was part of Campus Crusade for Christ Society and that even increased my desire to full time ministry. Coming to university I initially wanted to become a Microbiologist and I was studying that, but as time went on, the desire of studying Microbiology was just not there anymore. The desire for ministry life became even stronger in 2013 and could not avoid thinking about it. Finally in December 2013 I answered that call and decided to do ministry any how God will use me after my studies (after 2014).

When I answered the call, I did not know where God was calling me to. All I knew was that God has called me and I will go wherever He directs me. Before approaching my pastor in February 2014, I was thinking God probably wanted me to join Campus Crusade for Christ Namibia team, and I planned to do internship with them. But I was still not sure and I approached my pastor to share with him what has been happening in my life. His answer was a thank you and he said for years he has been praying for God to rise up men within the church to join him in ministry. And He told me that he knows a good school in Zambia; he told me about is then he said I should go pray about it and do research about this school and return to him when am done. Through prayer and research through the school blog I started loving the school and their passion for seriously training men for great commission living. After a period of 2 months I finally decided to say yes and went back to my pastor to share with him the news. He then downloaded the application form and posted them after several weeks. My family was not happy with the decision I made and not even one is in support of it.

Being sure this is where God was leading me I came to Zambia in January 2015. From the first day till today I am enjoying my stay here. I have learned a lot. The purpose statement of CABU is to train the next generation of servant-leaders in Africa for great commission living, and just from the purpose statement and through the chapel preaching I have learned that God has called us to be his bondservants. We are called to be obedient servants who correctly and faithfully handle God’s Word. Classes I have enjoyed most from last semester are Ministering and a Transformed Heart, Pentateuch and Evangelism & Discipleship. One class that I can point out this semester that is helping me in understanding the Bible and handling it correctly is Hermeneutics.

If you would like to attend CABU you can contact Mr. Kennedy Kaseke, the Admissions Director at +26097 1507807 or email at [email protected].