By Chris Hawthorne

I wrote this last week at about 1 am! I couldn’t sleep. There was just too much going through my mind from the day. So, I decided to write a poem. It was a reflection on how I was feeling; that Satan works in all the detailed areas of life because he knows the big one he has already lost. But although Jesus has won the great victory, he isn’t absent in the details of life. He is working his purpose out in all of those too. He is at work when things are going well, but he is equally at work when I have malaria, thieves are trying to steal pump cables and your wife is getting attacked by snakes! So, here’s a very hastily scribbled poem:

They say the Devil’s in the details
And I think that way too.
He prowls and roars and makes his noise
To trick and deceive you.
He’ll trouble you in many things
And seek to cause you pain.
Distracting you from his defeat
When Jesus rose again.

The Devil’s in the details
But Jesus reigns on high.
The one who gave his life for you
Rules at his Father’s side.
The powers of hell he conquered
And humiliated when
He crushed the curse upon the cross
Then rose to life again.

My king rules the whole universe,
The sovereign in the sky.
He’s unfolding eternity
To bring us to his side.
And though the Devil’s in the details
That’s where he’ll trouble you,
Yes, the Devil’s in the details
But Jesus is there too!

Jesus is in the details,
He won’t you disown.
He’ll walk with you and strengthen you,
He won’t leave you alone.
He’s saved you for eternity,
The biggest work is done,
And he saves you in the details,
Every little one.

Christ Hawthorne serves as the principal of Proclamation Institute Zambia and regularly writes at Scattered thoughts of scatty preacher