Having come across a few staggering annual statistics of abortions in the country of Zambia, feelings of shock, disgust, and sadness could not be a more appropriate response.

238, 000! These are the number of Zambian lives Marie Stopes claims to have murdered in the year 2019 alone. This number exclusively accounts for what they consider ‘unsafe’ abortions and so we can conclude with certainty that many more outside this category happen every year. Unsafe abortion is defined as one that occurs without legal medical procedure and supervision, and safe abortion is defined as one that occurs with legal medical procedure and oversight. At least 43,172 babies were murdered last year by just one organization in just one country alone; their bodies buried under the guise of health care and human rights. Abortion has killed hundreds of millions of people around the world today; a catastrophic genocide that is applauded and falsely justified by the godless.

It will be hard to forget a feminist gathering at which the majority of the people in the room unsurprisingly declared themselves pro-choice. Sitting in that room, trying to comprehend their excuse for the support of murder, it was impossible not to shudder at the visible consequence of neo-Marxist and atheistic ideology that ascribes little to no value for human life. In a world that believes only the fittest survive, the most vulnerable in our communities should rightfully fear extermination if the comforts and so-called ‘rights’ of the ‘fittest’ are not accommodated. This is visible evidence of a secularized world in which we commit murder in the name of survival and convenience.

It appears that for most people the loss of life is only a concern when it makes their own lives uncomfortable. When the blood of infants cries out to God, somebody somewhere has chosen death as a means to a more comfortable life.

“The loss of life is only a concern when it makes their lives uncomfortable.”

Let’s face it, society hates children. If if you have grown up and lived in this post-modern era, you have been subtly conditioned to be suspicious of marriage and delay having children. You have been sold the lie that comfort and pleasure are what matter most in life at the cost of meaningful relationships that only hinder that pursuit. Furthermore, if you pay close attention to all the selfish and worldly gains we see today, every single one of them communicates a loss of a relationship, firstly with God and secondly with other human beings. Bear in mind that loving God and loving others are the two greatest commandments given to us by God in His Word. It is vital to understand, that relationships are the most important thing in life, firstly with God which then expresses itself in our relationship with others. The world does not love God and therefore has no basis upon which to love each other. The undeniable fact is that all idol worship inevitably requires human sacrifice; they all require broken relationships. A steep price no one can actually afford, but too many are willing to pay. What idols might you be worshiping, and what relationships have been lost for it?

“All idol worship inevitably requires human sacrifice”

It is interesting to note, that while many delay or put off the responsibility and commitment of marriage and childbearing, few delay or put off the relational intimacy that rightfully and exclusively belongs to the covenantal institution of the family. Consequently, marriage has been devalued by society while the use of contraceptives and abortions are on the rise. As sinful beings, we naturally run away from the gifts God blesses us with for life and living. Although we run, we never escape the consequence of our rebellion.

In the Bible we find a mandate given to humanity to be fruitful and multiply, to subdue the earth, and have dominion over every living thing. This is called the cultural mandate which is given by God to man as a means through which He wants us to glorify Him in our various vocations. Throughout the Bible, we see just how seriously God takes this mandate, and how His plan to redeem man involves reconciling us to Himself in order to once again glorify Him in the way He created us to. Something that stands out in scripture is how serious God is about life and fruitfulness. Take for example the parable of the talents or the story of Jesus cursing the fig tree. In both cases, where fruitfulness was expected stagnation was found. We need to understand that where life exists, fruitfulness is expected. This is what God expects as He creates life and as His vice-regents on this earth we ought to be passionate about what He desires. It is necessary to appreciate and understand the Biblical reasons why choosing life should matter to us, and why we should be passionate about saving lives. Death has only ever been a consequence of sin, and as people who serve a God who is and gives life, we should stand against evils that easily murder for selfish gain.

As Christians, we can often buy into the lies sold to us by the world; Lies that devalue our passion for life and fruitfulness as we settle for earthly comforts. We believe the myth of overpopulation, believing one less life is our contribution to the health of our environment. We believe the lie that children are not a blessing from the Lord if they might infringe on our social acceptance and status. We believe the lies of feminism that unashamedly force both men and women to deny their identity and disregard their distinct roles given by God. Furthermore, we believe the lie that our lives are our own; falsely gives us a license to live as we please, where our feelings and often sinful desires are our guides. We can often live by a faulty premise that implies, ‘We will only promote life and fruitfulness within the confines of our comfort and selfish will.’ As Christians, we often attempt to Christianize godless views in order to justify our questionable lifestyles. May we promptly repent of this.

Abortion is a twisted and dark practice that needs to be exposed by the light of the gospel. This evil practice thrives in the heat of postmodern relativistic thinking that has deceived many men and women into believing that human life in the womb is nothing but cell tissue that can be disposed of. Not many have seen the remains of aborted children through graphic images; they will break even the strongest of hearts. A fetus (which in Latin is defined as “small child”) is a living human being made in the image of God, with a body, mind, and soul. This fact is seen when you look at an aborted child that actually has the clear form of a human being. We cannot deny reality and begin to redefine words for our own selfish purposes. God sent His only son to die on a cross and rise from the dead so that we could have life. If the Almighty and Infinite God cares so much about life then as creatures made imago dei (in the image of God) we should care about life too.

“A fetus is a living human being made in the image of God”

As Christians, we need to pave the way in providing alternative solutions for people who might be tempted to undergo an abortive procedure. We will often find that fear and shame are what might prompt people to make an irrational decision to abort a child. We need to provide ministries of mercy that will offer counseling, financial and material aid, alternative solutions (like adoption), and the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to people who would otherwise ruin their lives.

If you are someone who has had an abortion before, you should know that there is forgiveness and hope in Jesus Christ. Redemption is given to those who believe in the person and work of the one and only Savior of sinners. And if you might be considering undergoing an abortion, please, do not take the life of the child you have conceived. Your circumstances might seem dire, but the life inside you is one that God values. Beauty can arise from the ashes you find yourself in. The emotional trauma experienced after an abortion takes place is often far greater than the discomfort of preserving life. Please, choose life! Please, do the right thing.

We cannot be passive or silent while the cries of murdered babies go unheard, unquestioned, and unchallenged. We must be resolved to living a life of love for God and our neighbor which includes unborn children and the fathers and mothers that conceive them. We serve the living God who breathes hope and light into darkness, and we must respond in humble obedience by taking this hope and light into places that desperately need the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Article written by Lenox Kalifungwa.