Collin’s Mubanga, our TSE Director writes,

“Central Africa Baptist University’s Theological Studies by Extension. Manueli Acts of the Apostles Block Class with these men, came to a logical conclusion today. They have been committed and consistent in attending every block class in their area. Some of them covered hundreds of kilometers to come and camp for this block class. These pastors and elders are happy to receive a resource, “The Gospel according to Paul”, by John MacArthur. I trust it will be of great benefit for their ministry in this rural part of Zambia. We thank God for our partners in this ministry. Shalom.”

Continue to pray with us for the work that is being done in some of Zambia’s rural areas, that God’s word would faithfully be taught, local pastors would get equipped to handle the Scriptures faithfully that the Church of Christ may be built up.