Central Africa Baptist University has a completed an application for accreditation by the Zambian Government. Site visit by the Ministry of Education was conducted in October 2012 and our application is scheduled to be tabled at the next annual committee meeting.

Central Africa Baptist University falls under the Zambia University Act of 1992 and has been given powers to award certificates, diplomas and confer degrees. Part of the University Act of 1992 reads:

46. A private university shall have power to:

  • Confer such degrees as may be specified in its statutes;
  • Award diplomas and certificates and such other academic distinctions as may be specified in its statutes; and
  • Provide such lectures and instructions for persons who are not students of the university as the university may determine and to grant certificates to such persons.

47. A private university may grant honorary degree in accordance with its statutes.

For more details on the University Act, please download the entire document here: University Act Document

In addition to being accredited by the Zambian government, CABU is affiliated with Northland International University, WI, USA in the undergrad programme and Piedmont International University, NC, USA in the Seminary programme. Seminary students have the benefit of earning an accredited Master’s degree recognized by the US Department of Education.

Students who have completed CABU undergraduate degrees and wished to further their studies have been accepted in universities and seminaries in Zambia and the USA.