We are looking for men in Africa who will abandon themselves without reservation to the God of Heaven. Men with a passion for God and for His glory. Men who are committed disciples willing to risk their lives if need be to carry the gospel and make disciples across the continent of Africa. It is our desire at CABC to equip these individuals with the theological, spiritual and practical tools necessary to return to their homelands and serve as spiritual leaders trained to make an impact for the glory of God.

This does not preclude women from attending appropriate classes but our main focus is training men for ministry – various aspects of ministry. We will offer a counseling degree that would be available to women and in due course a degree in education, equipping both men and women as teachers.

As we seek to equip and develop this kind of leader we recognize that institutional training has its strengths and its weaknesses. Formal training is not the only kind of training, but we believe it is necessary.