Insaka: An Interview with Pst. Ronald Kalifungwa

In this week’s Insaka PSt. Sandala interviews Pst. Ronald Kalifungwa on the upcoming Reformed Family Conference in Lusaka.

Dealing with Miscarriages

Article by Tracy Ndlovu Imagine waking up one beautiful morning to some very wonderful news like” your test came out positive, you are pregnant” best news, right? Three or four months down that journey, it is ...

Depression, Suicidal Mind and the Gospel

Article by Euphresian Akinyi INSIDE A DEPRESSED, SUICIDAL MIND Imagine being somewhere dark, scared, and alone, unable to escape. You cry out for help but your voice gets muffled up and no one can hear you. ...

Insaka: Church Membership

In this week’s Insaka Pst. Sandala and Pst. Chopo discusses the biblical basis of Church membership and how it is taught in the Scriptures. Listen and enjoy it.

Insaka: Evangelism and Conversion

In this week’s Insaka Philip Hunt, Chopo Mwanza and Sandala Mwanje continue the series on 9marks of a Healthy church. They consider evangelism and conversion as marks of a healthy church.

Insaka: What is the Gospel?

In this week’s episode of Insaka, Philip Hunt and Sandala Mwanje continue with the series on the Marks of a Healthy Church. Pastor Chopo Mwanza features on the show as a special guest. As they discus ...

Insaka: What does a Healthy Church look like?

In this new episode of Insaka Pst. Sandala leads the discussion on what a healthy church looks like and why it matters that we ask and find the answer to that question. Using Mark Dever’s book ...

July 2020 Newsletter

When do dust, mud, and noise make you excited? It is when those inconveniences remind you of the marvelous answers to prayer that we are watching unfold on our campus each day! This month the foundation ...