CABU encourages English-speaking students from across the continent of Africa to enroll as students. To ensure adequate time for college admission and visa processing, submit your application no later than December 7th (for first semester).

Zambian law requires that students admitted to Zambia on a student study permit must be registered as full-time college students. This means that undergraduate students must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 semester credits.

All applicants (domestic and international) should complete the general application process and meet CABU’s program qualifications.

Detailed Application Instructions

1. Complete the Online Application or PDF Application

On the application form, you will need to supply your personal information, other school experiences, and your pastor’s contact information. In addition to the application form, you will need to submit:

  • Explanation of how you came to know Christ as your Saviour (written)
  • Why you feel God has called you into ministry and/or CABU (written)
  • Character reference letter from your pastor
  • Secondary results

Scanned PDF documents can be attached to the online application form or emailed to [email protected]. Typically, the application along with the testimony of salvation and call to ministry takes about an hour to complete.

2. Pay $10 Application Fee (USD)

Pay the $10 application fee online when you complete and submit the application. Please note that this application processing fee is non-refundable.

Once you have submitted your application as outlined in step 1 and paid the application fee, CABU will contact you regarding any further application steps and acceptance.

3. Complete an Affidavit of Support

Complete an Affidavit of Support explaining your ability to pay for college from family funds, personal funds, or a sponsor if available.

If your support is from family funds, you must provide a written assurance of their committment to pay for any tuition, room and board, and travel expenses to and from Zambia. If your support is from a sponsor, he or she must provide confirmation indicating his or her intention to cover the costs of your education. Please note your sponsor will also be responsible to pay for any medical care that may be required during your time at CABU.

All of this financial information is kept confidential in your admissions file.

4. Receive a Decision From Admissions

The admissions committee evaluates your application and forms by looking for a clear salvation testimony, evidence of Christian maturity, and your academic ability to do college-level work. The committee will schedule a phone interview to further get to know you. Once the committee reaches a decision, the Admissions office will contact you regarding acceptance.

5. Submit Documents for a Study Permit

If an international applicant meets all of the CABU qualifications, the following documents will be required to apply for a Zambian study permit:

  • Passport sized photo
  • Photocopy of passport
  • A doctor’s medical examination
  • Police clearance report
  • Permit fee ($175)

CABU will apply for the study permit as soon as the necessary documents and the $175 fee have been received. The Admissions office will keep the you up to date on the permit status and will inform the applicant when the study permit has been approved. Applicants without a valid study permit will not be allowed to attend CABU.

6. Complete Any Remaining Admission Forms

If you have not already completed and returned the Student Medical Form or Confidential Medical Examination, you must complete these and submit them no later than the first day of classes.

6. Make Deposit on School Bill

In order to be granted access to the dorm and attend classes, initial payment and medical fee is due upon arrival to campus. After the initial payment, the remaining bill is split over 3 additional payments thirty-days apart. The business office will email a PDF of a student’s bill by the 15th of every month giving a two week notice to students.

Students who pay for their semester bill in-full before the start of classes will receive a 5% reduction in tuition cost.

7. Attend Student Orientation

CABU requires all new students to attend student orientation at the beginning of the year. The Admissions office will inform you of the move-in date for the dorms in adequate time for you to arrive and attend the student orientation. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Director of Admissions.