CABU is Training Pastors in South Sudan

Three weeks of theological training begins Monday 4 March in South Sudan. The first week of training will be a make-up class in Juba.

John Mark or King Saul?

In true discipleship those who are not after God

Understanding Policies

Creating and explaining operational policies is one of the most difficult tasks for administrators in Christian institutions.

Two Opportunities in JULY for Pastoral Training at CABC

Coming up this July will be two opportunities for further education and pastoral training at Central Africa Baptist College & Seminary. 8-12 July:

Funding The Training of Servant Leaders In Africa

A challenge faced by most Colleges & Seminaries is necessary funding to carry out the mission. The total monthly cost to run Central Africa Baptist College and Seminary is $15,000.

An Update from Prison

Last year Central Africa Baptist College entered into a partnership with the Prison Chaplaincy Service to build a chapel at the Ndola Remand Prison.

Powerful Electrical Storm Rips Through Radio Station

Last week a violent electrical storm on Thursday evening sent a lightening bolt into the ground near the college. A blast of current ran through the power lines and internet cables past surge protection and did ...

History Of Valentines Day

St. Valentine was a Roman priest and physician who was martyred by Emperor Claudius II during the Christian persecution in the third century. Valentines day has its roots in the Roman festival called Lupercalia. Roman men ...